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2020-10-31 (Saturday)

OBEY! OBEY! Look, LOOK into the spirals!! Hear and obey me! Buy my boooooks! Only theeeeey can make you haaaaappy! Buuuuy them!! I snuck dirty words into them, for yoooooouuuu! COLLECT THEM ALL!!

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You speak and I obey

From: citizenx
Date: 2004-10-07 (Thu) 11:10 am
I spent part of Sunday at a bookstore with eyeteeth, trying to find our names in books. It didn't go very well for me when neither your book (you know the one) nor Writing CGI Applications with Perl were found.

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Everybody Loves Hypnotoad!

From: nosrialleon
Date: 2004-10-07 (Thu) 11:25 am

I already have yer gaddam books. Write some more. :-)

Been there, done that, got the book--at least the non-Perl book. In my life, any Perl book would come in handy as a paperweight, but that is about it.

You're totally missing out on the BEST ASCII CHART EVER by not having that Perl book. Also a footnote about alien abductions.

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The ASCIIfication Of The Modern World

From: brianenigma
Date: 2004-10-08 (Fri) 10:23 pm
I am not so sure about the alien abductions, but have a pretty decent and useful chart right over here (stolen from someplace I forget and forgot to give credit to.) The only thing that it is missing is the fact that 0x01 is ^A, 0x02 is ^B, etc, but you can infer that if you know the basics ahead of time by looking over a few columns. :)

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Re: The ASCIIfication Of The Modern World

From: torgo_x
Date: 2004-10-08 (Fri) 11:46 pm
In Alaska our ASCII charts are three hundred trillion times more advanced than that! We luxuriate with Unicode, and HTML entities, and ninjas, and lasers.

Congrats on being published.

Thanks! Now I just want my royalty statements to not have quite so many negative numbers on them. ENNUIIIIIIIIIIi.

What are your wishes master?!

I require you to scam and blackmail your university into buying HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of copies of each of my books.

Fly, monkies, fly!

nah the university would not buy them the students would, and well there are only about 40k students that go to U of M. Blah!

Wow I cannot even rememeber what the topic was, so I have no clue as to why you said what you said.

Those aren't hypnosis spirals! Those are soul-sucking death rays! I'm alive without a soul. I am doomed and it's all your fault. But at least now I can be a liberal with no fear of consequences.

Tremble before me, lowly conservatives.

(Actually, I don't have a beef with conservatives. Republicans are a big bucket of suck, though.)

Hi, I'm squatting this thread to thank you for your gorgeously cogent reply in Substitute's log. Also, that is some hot authorship!

Thanks! I decided to have a whirl at being concise for once.

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