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2010-10-12 (Tuesday)

Dear Log,

Aaawwww hell naw, DJ 譚克成, ohhh shyih!, you'n did it again!  You and the rest of your Batshit Crazy Anti-Gay Krewe!  But this time, you're dragging in John Mellencamp.  Why you gotta play him like that, yo?

No, seriously, why did you play him, like that

We have been thru this before.  You know, with you playing someone's music without clearing it, and the musician saying "Bitchno!" and then his lawyer and agent saying "My client would like to express bitchno to these bigot anti-gay fuckwits, unquote", and we have discussed how your actions have legal consequences, and Johnny Law, and lawyers/headdrillers from Universal/Sony/EMI/Warner,... 


Do you want these musicians to put out a press release of bitchno, with an unsympathetic press going thru its checklist of painting you as hair-gelled roving violent goons?

All I can imagine is: Is it so you can say that of course that musician would say that, he's part of the Hollywood liberal elite and you loathe them for corroding family values?  If that's the strategy, then you had to get to that point by playing their music at your rallies, which implicates that you like them: "here's some music we like, because it's about us Jesus bus people, and little pink houses! like you! and me!".

It is enough to cause me to think that perhaps the best strategic minds are not at work here.

* * *

So: Peter, Paul & Mary last time.  That's just run of the mill (drilling into your skull) music illegality. 

Now you've been roving around the country stealing music from John Mellencamp.


Mellencamp is friends with farmers, with that whole Farm-Aid thing he's had going for twenty years or so.  So he knows ex-farmers, who have lost their farms, and are scraping by in the Walmart-nuked economy that constitutes "rural" USA.  (Namely, anyplace without an Ikea.)

And I'd put double nickels on the dime that a lot of those ex-farmers' kids have a headstart into that "have nothing to lose!", very stoned, frame of mind that is very easy to adopt these days.  But: they have access to sharp farm equipment, including the very traditional and multipurpose tool, the Pitchfork.  Do not anger the Pitchfork.  Maybe the Pitchfork has come to mock, or maybe it has come to jab.  Maybe the Pitchfork becomes numerous and belligerent, in the hands of stoned no-future rural dudes, whose closest connection with anything like a supposedly morals-eating Hollywood elite is a guy whose music you're stealing.  The Pitchfork, even en masse and with poor impulse control, has only one moving part: it.  And yet, it (it) can express its displeasure in many ways.  Do not seek them!

* * *

Again, this is enough to cause me to think that perhaps the best strategic minds are not at work here.

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Your writing style can only be described as 'biblical'

In fact, I'm adding a new line to my "future billionaires of America, fuck you!" list:
"13. Hire Torgo to 'translate' the Old Testament in any manner he sees fit."

Next Stop: $1,000,000,000.00!

Well, I have always wanted to scream "You WHORE!" at entire cities and have it be printed on that molecule-thick paper.

Also: how to get on the wrong side of a cult cell.

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