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2008-01-03 (Thursday)

Dear Log,

«[Gordon] Liddy continues to bemoan the decay of American public education. "Kids now come out of even good colleges unable to write a coherent sentence"... yada yada ... until [Timothy] Leary interrupts him.  Winking, Leary says, "Gordon wants to go back to the days when only 10 percent of Americans could go to college.  Writing is a hieroglyphic art these days. And besides, only 10 percent of people are genetically wired, fired and inspired to do it.  That makes it an elitist skill.  Computers are going to replace hieroglyphics text as communication.  Computers will be THE drug of the future." "Then we'll have computer addiction and computer abuse," I [Joe Bageant, the interviewer] laugh.

"As always, 90 percent of the people who do or do not use any kind of drug, do so stupidly.  But you cannot ban drugs and you cannot have a drug-free society.  If that's what you want, then go to China.  The same people who want a drug-free society want a sex-free society.  If you want a drug-free and sex-free society (waves his arm), then go to China."»

Tim Leary, chatting with and Gordon Liddy and an interviewer, in 1982

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Where are they now?

From: flipzagging
Date: 2008-01-05 (Sat) 09:09 am
That interviewer has a blog that I read pretty frequently. Currently his blog isn't that interesting since he retired to Belize out of despair with America. But check out the essays on the left hand column.

I think you might "enjoy" this anthropological horror show.

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