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2004-04-26 (Monday)

From the Guardian ( the_guardian)style guide (PDF), which actually treats its readers like adults, instead of histrionic stomping biddies:


We are more liberal than any other newspaper, using words such as cunt and fuck that most of our competitors would not use, even in direct quotes

The editor's guidelines are straightforward:

First, remember the reader, and respect demands that we should not casually use words that are likely to offend

Second, use such words only when absolutely necessary to the facts of a piece, or to portray a character in an article; there is almost never a case in which we need to use a swearword outside direct quotes

Third, the stronger the swearword, the harder we ought to think about using it

Finally, never use asterisks, which are just a copout

[The cartoon is part of the style guide's entry]

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I boughted style guide books today. Will mention more later.

I am a f*cking geek.

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